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The Wineries of Italy
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Wine tasting of Italy, best italy wineries

Every winery is ready to welcome you and make you live an unforgettable experience. They will suggest you different types of tastings that you can choose as you wish.
The tasting experience usually is comprehensive of: vineyard tour, winery tour, explanation of the production process and the history behind the winery. It is possible to add some food to the wine tastings.
La degustazione dei vini può essere accompagnata con del cibo


Tasting and visit in the wineries



Tastings in the best wineries in Italy, with tours in the vineyard and in the cellar. Food pairings, possibility of lunches, dinners, picnics and much more. Everything to make you enjoy a unique experience. Once you have sent the booking request, wait for the cellar’s response which will arrive shortly.

The booking request usually does not require payment and therefore we kindly ask the user to keep the commitment made with the Winery. We offer wine tastings in Umbria and its best areas, wine tastings in Tuscany, tastings in Veneto and Piedmont. The best wineries in Italy await youbest italy wineries to visit

Origins of wine in Italy

it was in Sicily, Calabria and Campania that the first wine cultivations developed.
In southern Italy, thanks to the Greeks, vines and cultivation and winemaking techniques spread. Wine became more than a simple food product and was also used for rich commercial exchanges.

Before the Greeks and Romans spread the cultivated vine,

there were perhaps sporadic attempts to domesticate the wild vine. In Tuscany, in particular, the Etruscans had been cultivating vitis vinifera sylvestris since the 8th century. to. C., with vine training systems on live stakes, “married” to the trees, they produced wine with methods similar to those of the Greeks and exported it beyond the Alps.italy wine tasting, in italy winery
The origins of the Etruscans are not entirely certain: perhaps they came from the east and, like the Greeks, arrived in Italy with vine stocks in tow but, since the wild vine already existed in Italy for a long time before, even today it is difficult to say who first used it to produce wine. b
est italy wineries to visit

Wine is a fundamental part of Italian culture and tradition and its development in our country has been influenced by various cultures, in particular the Greek and Roman ones. Today, thanks to the passion and dedication of Italian winemakers, Italian wine continues to be appreciated throughout the world and to represent one of the most representative products of our country.italy wine tasting, in italy winery

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