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Some great authors such as Pliny the Elder and Marziale liked the qualities of Umbrian wines.

In 1960 Umbria was the protagonist of a relaunch, which in 1968 led to the awarding of the first Umbrian DOC (Torgiano DOC). Later in 1990 the DOCG (Torgiano Rosso Riserva DOCG). As time passed, Umbria continued to grow with many producers until it produced better quality.Orvieto winery

WINE TASTING ORVIETO WINERIES, Orvieto winery, Orvieto wine tasting

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Orvieto DOC is undoubtedly the most famous wine of Umbria and central Italy and represents 80% of the region’s vineyard area. Vineyards that produce Orvieto wine are planted on both sides of the Paglia. The river that flows through the city of Orvieto towards the Tiber.

The tuff soils and rocky substrate so characteristic of the area not only contribute to the quality of the local terroir, but are also suitable for the excavation of cellars for storing wine.
Wine tasting Orvieto wineries

The Orvieto DOC denomination is reserved exclusively for white wine. It covers sweet and dry types, available in basic or superior versions. Wines are obtained from a combination of Procanico (Trebbiano Toscano) and Grechetto, which together represent at least 60% of the mass. The remaining 40% can be made up of any combination of other white varieties. Only condition is that they are authorized within the province of Viterbo, for example Canaiolo Bianco and Malvasia Toscana.

The wines of Orvieto have followed market trends and today Orvieto is a dry wine, with a peach scent, a clean, fresh profile and moderate acidity. The golden, semi-sweet style of Orvieto Abboccato, once enjoyed by popes and princes, is still produced for local consumption. Some producers develop excellent versions from over-ripe grapes attacked by noble rot, Botrytis cinerea, which gives them unique characteristics of concentration and elegance. The musts obtained are therefore very sugary, rich in glycerin which gives the wine a particular “unctuousness” with a concentration of all the aromatic components. Orvieto cellars to visit. Orvieto winery

The Orvieto DOC denomination has a classic sub-area. Orvieto winery

located around the city of Orvieto itself and extending slightly eastwards including the area around Lake Corbara. Its western border follows the regional border with Lazio a few kilometers away. The wines produced here can be labeled as Orvieto Classico. Orvieto wineries to visit

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WINE TASTING ORVIETO WINERIES, Orvieto winery, Orvieto wine tasting