Umbria wineries near me

A beautiful land that makes wine and oil its strong points. Its geographical conformation made up of hills is ideal for the production of great wines and extra virgin olive oils.

montefalco wineries near me
montefalco winery near me

Wine tasting in Umbria

Wine tourism in Umbria is growing rapidly and sees niche tourism coming from all over the globe. Umbrian food and wine represents, together with other regions, Italian excellence in the world. Umbrian wineries expand from the Trasimeno Hills to the Perugini Hills, from Montefalco to Assisi.

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umbria wine tasting near me
best umbria wine tasting near me

It is possible to book a visit and wine tasting in Umbria, which includes walks through the vineyards, jepp excursions, trekking, tastings with lunches, dinners, light lunches, snacks. The Umbrian territory is 70% hilly and 30% mountainous. This morphology, without flat sections, favors viticulture due to the right rainfall, the plant gradually absorbs water thanks to the soil which benefits from perfect natural drainage: /

best umbria winery near me
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The cellars are ready to offer personalized packages for the whole family, children are entertained with art workshops while the older ones can immerse themselves in total tranquility in the flavors and aromas of the products being tasted.

There are essentially four wine itineraries in Umbria: the Cantico wine route, the Trasimeno wine route, the Sagrantino route, the Etruscan-Roman wine route.
montefalco winery near me
montefalco wineries near me

Come to montefalco wineries near me. montefalco winery near me. wine tasting near me

The wine production in the cellars in Umbria is distributed between whites and reds: Among the white grape wines, the Grechetto is very renowned and recognized and originates mainly in the Todi area.

Bianco di Torgiano is another pleasant and enjoyable white, made from Grechetto and Trebbiano Toscano grapes. Bianco d’Assisi was born in the province of Perugia and is characterized by its low alcohol content, therefore very suitable for meals, and Bianco dei Colli Amerini. Among the black grape wines we find Sagrantino di Montefalco dating back to the Middle Ages and located right in Montefalco. Torgiano Rosso Riserva aged for 3 years. Rosso Orvietano from Sangiovese grapes, sweet with all types of meals, also favored by its low alcohol content. The cellars in Umbria are waiting for you for a Sagrantino Montefalco tasting, an Orvieto wine tasting, as well as a Fabro wine tasting. Montefalco wineries are waiting for you orvietocantine cellars in montefalco

orvieto wineries
orvieto winery

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