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Our winery, Colle Uncinano, was born in the hills surrounding the city of Spoleto, thanks to the passion and strong enthusiasm of the Campanella’s family.
From generation to generation, the love for the production of good wine has always been passed on. Grandfather Domenico started it all, and then passed on his knowledge to his son Claudio who together with his wife Lorella gave life to their dream in 2005 with the first vinification of Soviano Regale (Sangiovese grapes) and Cruor Nobile (Sagrantino and Merlot grapes).

To date the company is managed by Claudio and his two children Francesco and Antonella. In particular, Francesco, after following in his father’s footsteps, is now the cellar master of the company, and everything you taste in our bottles is the result of his knowledge and his strong passion for wine.

With 25 hectares of vines at an altitude of 350 meters above sea level, we produce Trebbiano Spoletino, Grechetto, Sauvignon Blanc, Sangiovese, Sagrantino, Merlot and Marselan. All production is characterized by a low sulphite content and the absence of the use of pesticides and herbicides.




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Tasting with Selezione Colle Uncinano of n. 3 wines
with a platter of cold cuts, cheeses and bruschetta

Tasting with Riserva Colle Uncinano line of n. 4 wines
with a platter of cold cuts, cheeses and bruschetta

Tasting with Selezione + Riserva Colle Uncinano of n. 6 wines
with a platter of cold cuts, cheeses and bruschetta

asting with Selezione + Riserva Colle Uncinano of n. 8 wines
with a platter of cold cuts, cheeses and bruschetta




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Very kind staff, wines are amazing. Prices really good. Would recommend!
Molto bueno!!
Abbiamo fatto degustazione 4 vini, (da scegliere nella sezione di vini prodotti dalla cantina) 4 vini 4 calici (e sono stati fatti refill) ottimi vini, accompagnati da salumi formaggi e uova di loro produzione. Il tutto accompagnato da descrizioni e ricerca (accompagnata) dei profumi e sapori. Eccellente, consigliatissimo
EN translation: We tasted 4 wines, (to be chosen in the section of wines produced by the cellar) 4 wines 4 glasses (and refills were made) excellent wines, accompanied by cured meats, cheeses and eggs of their own production. All accompanied by descriptions and (accompanied) research of aromas and flavors. Excellent, highly recommended
Cantina immersa in uno scenario naturale e rilassante. Vini tipici e di qualità, in particolare il Trebbiano Spoletino. Possibilità di soggiornare all’ Agriturismo ” Il Molino Antico”, a pochi passi dai vigneti dove si tengono degustazioni ed è possibile acquistare prodotti tipici locali.
EN translation: Cellar immersed in a natural and relaxing setting. Typical, quality wines, in particular Trebbiano Spoletino. Possibility of staying at the Agriturismo “Il Molino Antico”, a few steps from the vineyards where tastings are held and it is possible to buy typical local products.



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Colle Uncinano
Loc. Uncinano – Spoleto, PG
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